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Mike Schalich
I was born in Marin County the youngest of 8 children in 9 ½ years.  My father was an Air Force Captain at the age of 18 and ran the household very similar to the armed forces.  The order of children was oldest Barbara, Tom, Eileen, Kathy, John, Jim, Bill & Mike.  The last 4, all boys, where into building at a very young age.  At around the ages of 8yrs to 12yrs old we built our 1st tree fort and then it went to dog houses all “For Sale” of course.  Then when our father passed away in 1973 our mother wanted us to finish the new garage/workshop our father had started.  We did and we did it on time and on budget.  After graduating from Marin Catholic High School in 1976 I went to Chico State and graduated in 4 years with a BS in Marketing and Advertising.  I started looking for work after I graduated, when my brothers John & Jim approached me with an offer to join them in their construction company.  As the years progressed I decided to have a family of my own. I started by marrying my high school sweetheart Grace Barry in October of 1985.  We were fortunate to have 3 wonderful children Marion, Austin and James.  All 3 went to Saint Isabella’s and on to Saint Vincent’s High School and then to Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  Marion graduated in 2009 with a BA in child development and works in Marin County as a teacher’s aid to special needs children.  Austin is a junior and is studying construction management.  James is an incoming freshman and is also studying construction management with a minor in architecture.  They are following in their father and uncles footsteps.  I love to come to work every day.  This business is very rewarding to me.  As I say to my children “Do what you love and eventually people will pay you for it".

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