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Bedroom Additions

Adding a Bedroom or Master Suite to your home can be one of the finest decisions you ever make. Most homes do not come with the bedroom you've been dreaming of, that's where Schalich Brothers Construction comes in.

A new addition to the family can be an exciting thing - but it can also raise practical concerns about space in the home. Whether your home's existing bedrooms are too small, or if there just aren't enough of them, bedroom additions can eliminate the need to pack up and move elsewhere. If you live in Sonoma or Marin county and are thinking about adding to or expanding your existing bedrooms, Schalich Brothers Construction provides the most exceptional service around. Our keen attention to detail, quality workmanship and pride in what we do all ensure that your bedroom addition project will go as smoothly as possible.

Custom Bedrooms Built To Your Specifications

When you design your own bedroom, you have the exciting opportunity to make it everything that you've always wanted. Specialized closets and shelving or other built in amenities can be effortlessly added to any scheme or layout. At Schalich, we know the ins and outs of creating the most stunning - and practical - bedrooms possible. We never stop learning, and are always learning about new innovations and ideas that can take a bedroom from simple - to simply amazing. After all, you're the one in charge; why not get exactly what you want, and then some?

Always On Your Side

Some people are wary about undergoing major renovations or remodels in their home because they've heard horror stories about unscrupulous, uncommunicative construction companies. With Schalich Brothers, you never need to worry about such things. Our many years of experience and extensive roster of satisfied customers easily demonstrates a track record of excellence in construction and customer service. From start to finish, our team of professionals will work with you to achieve bedroom additions that live up to all of your expectations - and more. If you're like many of our past customers, you'll end up passing our name on to friends - we make great impressions on our clients.

From Dreams To Reality

Whether you need a new bedroom for a brand new member of the family, or finally want to design that master bedroom suite you've always dreamed about, Schalich Brothers Construction can turn your dreams into reality. In the end, you'll have a stunning new addition to your home - and more space to live your lives. Give us a call if you would like to see what we can do. We're confident that no matter what you're thinking about, we can work with you to get it done.

If you live in Marin or Sonoma County and you’d like to go with most professional and skilled contractors for your planned bedroom addition, than give us a call or use our easy to fill out free estimate form here.

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